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Happy Tails


My kids love their four legged sister Maggie! She loves out country home!

She loves car rides too.


Able--"He's doing great! He loves to hang out with our 4 foot iguana! Renamed kitten or "hey get out of there"! "


Oreo-- "We adopted Oreo from Teddy's a few years ago, and we love her so much. We spoil her and couldn't be happier with her. She is perfect for our family!!! Thank you Teddy's!"


Gretta (now Sunny)--"She's a Southern girl now - living down in Birmingham, AL. She has a 4 legged sister and a 4 legged brother right now, but by the end of the month she will have a 2 legged brother!"

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae-- "Fannie Mae was adopted from Teddy's Rescue almost two years ago. Her best friend is a 100 pound pitty!"


Ollie-- "Ollie was adopted by us in early September. He has adjusted very well! We love him so much, and he loves us back!!"


Greta-- "Hard to believe it’s been almost 4 1/2 years since we adopted Greta. We Love her more and more every day, she is finally starting to slow down and weighs 54 lbs. She still LOVES going to the office with me in the morning, car rides, walks in our woods, and to our cabin at the lake. She has fit in since day one and gets along well with our crazy zoo of a house hold and she LOVES kids. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank you all so very much for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog. We LOVE HER SO MUCH. Thanks again."

Coal and Piper

Coal and Piper-- "Bo is now teaching the ropes to a fellow adoptee-Piper. He lost his mentor Buddy who helped him learn the ropes when he got adopted from Teddy's and found his forever home."


Lou (now Crook Shanks)--"We made it home safe and sound. Lou was not very happy about being in a crate for 3 hours, so he was extremely happy to explore the house when we got home. He's doing very well and has been eating, drinking and using the litter already."


Trixie (now Libby)-- "I just wanted to let you know she is the happiest dog in the world now as a farm dog! She has two dog sisters, 3 goat brothers, one cow brother & two cat brothers who are her best friends. She also has a human brother & sister and another sister on the way! Thanks for all you do, we are so blessed to have her in our family. Hopefully in the near future we can add another dog to our small zoo!"


Vlad (now Cruz)-- "Cruz will be 1 tomorrow, thank you for such a great dog!"


Borris-- "This is Borris. He has a queen size bed, his own pillow blanket, and mom that he loves to sleep with anywhere. She just got home from having surgery done, and he wouldn't leave his mommy. He is great, and we would be lost without him."


Sophie (now Katie)-- "She is sooo loved, can't imagine not having her in our family! !!! So worth the 4 hr. One way drive to get her."


Patches-- "Patches fast asleep. Living the good life. We love him so much and everyone that meets him loves him also."


Gage (now Ranger)-- "Ranger has settled in great to his new home. So obedient and protective, you guys did a great job with him even though he is partially blind!"


Jerry (now Finn)-- "I just wanted to give you guys an update on how Finn, formally known as Jerry, is doing! He just celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday and got absolutely spoiled! He's such a handsome sweetheart and weighs a whole 13 lbs!! He is a huge momma's boy and loves to cuddle. He has a favorite doggy sister, but he loves to play with all four of them, and is always grooming them. Adopting him has been one of the best choices I've ever made, and I owe it to you and the great families that fostered him and his siblings! Thank you!!"


Woodey-- "Relaxing with his two new sisters: We rescued Woodey this beautiful, but timid 10 year old beagle. He loves his doggy bed, but he loves our bed even more. As long as he can be near us, he is as happy as can be. He doesn't even mind sharing with his little sisters. The vet says he needs to have some teeth pulled, but other than that he's in good health. He loves to take walks and give kisses."


Patsy (now Juno)-- "She fits right in with our family. She's doing really well--loves to cuddles with the dogs!"


Bert-- "I believe Bert is loving his new home!! Thank you so much for letting us adopt such an amazing dog!!!"


Tarzan-- "My family recently adopted a 5 month old black cat named Tarzan. I just wanted to let you know he is doing great. He quickly adjusted to his new home. My two young daughters love him so much. He is very affectionate and loves to be held. We could not be happier with our new friend."


Molly-- "She's doing great! She moved and "took over." Molly is definitely a keeper. I think I am the lucky one for finding her!"


McGruff-- "We love McGruff! He is settling nicely into our home!"


Lilo-- "We have no complaints! She is doing great and fits in great in our home."


Lilly (Alice now)-- "Alice is cherished and loved in her new home where she has 3 human brothers and 2 sister dogs!"

Laddy Waddles

"Our home has been even more blessed by the addition of Lady. She has settled in nicely with our other dogs very well. We love her dearly and can't imaging our home without her. Thank you Teddy's for blessing us and taking such wonderful care of all the animals there."


Sammie-- "She is doing very well....happy and healthy and gets along with her big sister! She is such a good dog and fits well into our family. She is very loved and we are so glad we found her at Teddy's Rescue!"


Max-- "Day 3 of his forever home!! Things are looking great for Max!


Isabella-- "She is doing very well! Her and Buddy are adapting well to their new family and we are so glad we took them both! They love to chase each other around the back yard."


Buddy-- "He is doing very well! Him and Isabella are adapting well to their new family and we are so glad we took them both! They love to chase each other around the back yard."


Buz-- "We adopted Buzz two weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you that he is an awesome little guy. He has been to the vet (and put on a diet) and he has his license now. He goes to potty just fine when he is on his leash and sleeps in his kennel at night. He prances around the house like he owns it and pretty much ignores his big sister unless he wants to check out her food bowl. We love Buzz and you will never have to worry about him. Thank you for our little man."


Blitz (Lucy now)-- "I really have to give you all of the credit. You really gave us quite a gem. We went in there and asked for a laid back, sweetheart of a cat, and you really steered us in the right direction. Can't say I would've picked Blitz out by myself, but I'm glad you told us which direction to go. She's exactly what we were looking for."


Bernard-- "Bernard is a great addition to our family.....loves to cuddle!!!!!!"


Flash-- "I adopted Flash 1.5 years ago, and he is doing very well! He runs 3 miles with me a few times a week and has 3 best friends. Kovu (a husky), Blue (a bulldog) and Benelli (a great Pyrenees/lab mix) all enjoy playing with him during the week and weekends. Flash is a wonderful dog, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He has two brothers, both cats that he loves to play and cuddle with. Flash brightens my day and always greets me with a wagging tail and a "where are we going next?" look on his face. Love this little guy and I thank you for bringing us together. He was a perfect match!"


Toots (now Lucy)-- "She's absolutely fantastic! She loves her little brother, and she cracks me up! I loved our whole experience with Teddy's Rescue!"

Baloo (now Ula)

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for rescuing Baloo renamed Ula now. She is the light in our lives. She came to us in 2010 scared half to death and jumped if you opened a can of pop. She wouldn't even go near my husband. Now she is about to turn 5 in January and all of our friends notice and comment that she has come such a long way and is the most loving dog we could've asked for. Thank you for realizing that a troubled dog can still have a future."


"Just to let everyone know that Buster loves his toddler bed and pillow. He has discovered that bone marrow treats are great, and his new home gives him plenty of them!"

"Buster posing for a picture with his mommy."


"Ernie is adjusting so well :)"


-- "Just adopted Zac an hour ago...he is already playing with his toys and laying on his bed. No accidents at all and he goes to the door to go out!!! Love him so much already...thanks! Mick trying to get under the covers being a goofball....we love him so much and we hope by his goofiness he loves us as much. Thanks again!"


"She is doing great! Peanut is such a good little dog. Punishes us with kisses every time we come home and gets along well with our other dogs! We love her, and she is a happy little girl in her new home."


"We've had Brodie for over 2 years now and he's brought 2 families together under one roof and we love him!"


"Autumn is enjoying his nap time with Stella."


"Merry Christmas with Love. Winston is 1/4 Soft coated wheaten terrier, 1/4 Labrador retriever, 1/4 Yorkshire terrier, 1/8 Whippet, 1/8 Pug. Thanks to you he's also 100% ours forever!"


"We got Cosmo in May: a gangly puppy. He's still gangly, but he made new friends with our cats, and my son and him are inseparable."


"Monster is settling in nicely. He really likes to cuddle in the evening!"


"We're never too old to love and be loved". 8 year old Dagwood enjoying his adoption celebration! Senior dogs make the best companions! Dagwood is being a complete gentleman. We have our own unique system of communication. He does a happy dance every day when I get home and adores his doggie brother Parker the Barker (it helps that Dagwood is a wee bit deaf) He can rest assured that he will live out the remainder of his life here and will not be abandoned again."

Cain and Elmer

"These are my two guys Elmer (on the right), Cain(on the left), they give me so much joy!!!! Thanks Teddy's Rescue"


"Daffodil is settling in fine. She and Bo are doing great. We took her today and had her chipped. Prayers do work. Thought you'd like to know. Thank you again we are very tickled."


"Boomer and Maggie are finally taking a break from playing. Boomer is doing well."

Garfield (now Leo Burrito)

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Garfield (now named Leo Burrito) is at his forever home and happy with our family and 3 other cats. Thought you would like this... My 7 year old son had to write a short story on his most memorable moment In life..."

"This sweet guy turned 3 yesterday. Thanks Teddy's Rescue for introducing me to my best friend. He's quite a handful, but can't imagine my life without him"


"Merkle, adopted back in July. We couldn't imagine our home without him, such a sweet and very well behaved boy.. He loves riding in my old truck!"


Kanook, former resident of Teddy's, took a selfie to celebrate his 3rd birthday! Love him!


I think it's safe to say Gracie (Meredith Grey) likes her new home and her puppy friend Remington!


This was after the long car ride home...

But once we got back to his new home, he settled in quite nicely. He & Willie are like two peas in a pod...However, the cat was a different story. He wasn't quite a fan of Ozzie, so he hid behind the couch yesterday to avoid Ozzie. But last night they all seemed to be fine sharing my bed, & today has gone even better. Ozzie pretty much ignores the cat, so they tolerate each other's existence. So things are progressing well here. Thanks!


Loki is doing very well. He was potty trained overnight. No accidents since! We have walked 2 times daily and after 2 weeks started running. He ran with me over the weekend a total of 7 miles. He seems to really like it and doesn't tire. When we get home he is still up and walking. He eats well and has had a vet visit to update shots. We do have some behavior issues we are working on but nothing to worry about at this time. Here is a pic of him in his new favorite spot.


Woodey is still doing well. He is never too far away from his little sisters though he'd rather nap then run around the house or play guard dog.


Lexi and Bernard love each other so much!!!


Thanks, Teddy's for our new addition!


Tinkerbell is awesome! She is such a great dog! The kids just love her. We could not have asked for a better dog. We have no idea why she was there such a long time... She has grown attached to us, and we have grown attached to her!


Good morning! I’m not sure if you remember Leah (though I would bet that you do!), but I just wanted you all to know how well she is doing! It has been a fabulous 4.5 years with her and she is still the happy sweet dog that I adopted from you. I attached a picture for anyone who remembers, I would love to hear if you guys have heard/seen pictures of the puppies that she had. Keep up the great work and I am so happy Leah found her forever home with me!


"We adopted Lucy and wanted to update you on her. She loves her new home and we love her."


Your friend, Boomer, after his haircut and bath. He has settled in very nicely... still gets wound up when playing in the yard, but thinks he is a lapdog when in the house.


Spoiled Brodie!


Living our her golden years in West Michigan!

Jetta (formerly Vetta)

Jetta is Chevy's littermate. Adopted together, Oct 2012, Both of these old girls are doing well on their borrowed time. Some days, Jetta still thinks she is a puppy!


Just want to say thanks for Hank! He's adapting very well!


This is Larry. He's been with us for 2 years and is now 12. We love having him even though he hates our other animals (lol). The face is what I fell in love with!

Mr. Moose

Mr. Moose just loves going for rides with his Mom. He's a Teddy's alumni who adopted us 3 years ago.

Buddy aka Quincy

This is Buddy aka Quincy. He is a great cat. He is such a good boy! We still go for walks on a leash. My other cat follows us and walks with us.


This is Uma. We adopted her about 5 years ago from Teddys. Snuggle bug!

Mick (formerly Zak)

Mick, formerly known as Zak, is settling in quite nice. He thinks he's the king of the couch!


This is Zoe. She is the best dog ever. I call her my therapy dog because she is always there for me. Couldn't have picked a better dog. So glad I found her at teddy's!

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