Our Dogs

Our goal is to provide the best possible match for you and your dog. Our staff will work with you to identify your interests and needs to provide the best possible match for your home.


  • gIBBS

    St. Bernard/Boxer Mix | Male  | DOB: 2019

    Gibbs is 90 pounds of pure happy energy.  He loves toys, attention, and thinks everyone should pet him. Gibbs knows basic commands such as sit and stay.   Gibbs likes to play outside but enjoys lounging in the house just as much.  His ideal family would have a fenced yard where he can run outside. 

  • Apollo

    Mix | Male | DOB 11/2020

    Apollo is a young guy with lots and lots of energy.  He is used to a large fenced in yard where he can run and play.  Apollo likes to hear himself talk and will let you know when there is something new around.  Absolutely no cats in Apollo's new home!  

  • hoover

    Pitt Mix | Male | DOB 6/2017

    Hoover is a laid-back , friendly guy.  He is very well behaved and ready to please.   Hoover loves being outside, going for walks and hanging out with people.  Hoover has lived with Pickles, also at Teddy’s looking for a forever home.  He has not been around children.

  • Dex

    Coonhound mix | Female | DOB 2019

    Dex is very gentle, friendly and playful.  She loves being around people.  Dex is used to a fenced in yard and has lived with children.

  • Luca

    Lab Mix | Male  |  DOB October 2021

    Luca is a very handsome 7 month old Lab mix. He loves people, has been around children and lived with other dogs. Luca is very active, so he will a family who will be able to spend time working and playing with him. He's had some training and will look to his family to continue to teach him. Luca is carefree and enjoys life, but he still missing one thing.. A family of his own that will love him, appreciate his antics, and continue to help him grow and blossom.

  • remington

    Australian Shepherd Mix |  Male  |  DOB 2018

    Remington is a very sweet but very high energy guy. He would like a special family that has lots of time for him. Remy will need to get out to play, run and go for walks several times each day.  He gets really excited when meeting new people so be ready to give him some time to settle in.

  • delilah

    Boxer / Pit Bull Terrier Mix | Female  |  Senior

    Delilah is a Pit full of energy. Her favorite things to do are to run and play with her ball. A large fenced in area would be a necessity in any home for her. Delilah does have aggression issues with her toys. She does not like to share with anyone. Due to this Delilah would need an experienced dog owner. Homes with children would not be a good fit for Delilah. Delilah does not like other dogs so she needs to be the only pet in the household.

  • Absol

    Akita/Lab mix | Male  |  DOB: 2020

    Absol is a mellow kind of guy.  He does need time to exercise so Absol would like to find a family who has plenty of time to play with him and take him outside to run.  He is used to a fenced in yard, but still needs supervised when outside.  Absol has not been around children but has lived with cats.

  • Benji

    Mini Labradoodle |  Male |  DOB: 2020

    Benji is a 3-year-old mini Labradoodle.  Benji is a sweet, scruffy guy who loves being around people.  He is very smart and will sit and speak especially if there is a treat for him.  Benji has lived with older children and other dogs.  He has not been around cats.

  • Diego

    Doberman | Male | March 2022

    Diego is a friendly guy with a very high energy level. A large fenced in yard where he could run would be a plus.  Diego would love a family that would keep him on the go with lots of time for exercise and play.

  • bingo

    Beagle | Male | May 2022

    Bingo is a handsome boy looking for his next big adventure with his new forever family.  He loves long walks, playing outside and snuggling with his people.  Bingo would love a large fenced in yard for exercise and playtime.  Bingo enjoys meeting other dogs, but has not been around cats.  He is very friendly and sweet around people and has spent most of his time around teens and adults. 

  • Oliver

    Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix | Male | August 2022

    Oliver is a friendly Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix.  This sweet boy has one thing on his mind - he wants everyone to play with him.  He is constantly bouncing around from one thing to another to keep himself entertained.  Oliver's wish is for an active family with plenty of time for him.  


Adoption Process

Meet the Animal You Wish to Adopt

You must meet the dog you wish to adopt before we will begin processing your application. You can visit with the dogs during normal business hours, Tuesday through Saturday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.  Please call the rescue to set up an appointment.  We highly recommend that everyone in the family or those who will be around the animal on a consistent basis come in and meet the animal.

Complete and Submit Adoption Application

You must complete an adoption application to begin the process. Our goal is to make sure a good match is made between the animal and the adopter. Please note that submitting an application alone, neither guarantees you any priority in the adoption of the dog or cat, nor does it obligate you to adopt one of our dogs and cats.

Application Review

The application review will begin only after you have met with the animal you wish to adopt. We will speak to your veterinarian to confirm that your existing pets are fully vetted. If you rent or lease we will verify with your property owner to ensure you are permitted to adopt a pet. We will also speak with your personal references.

Schedule a home visit

Once the above sections of the application have been reviewed and approved, a home visit will be scheduled to confirm that you can provide a safe environment for one of our dogs or cats.

Meet and Greet

If you are adopting a dog and currently have a dog living in your household it will be necessary to set up a meet and greet. This will show us if there may be any issues between the animals.

Application Approved

Once the process is complete and the application is approved, you will sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee (as listed below) before bringing your new pet home. Some things you will need to purchase before bringing your new dog home include but are not limited to a leash, collar, ID tag, food, bowl, and crate or bed.

Follow Up

After the adoption, a follow-up call will be made to see how everything is going with your new pet.

Adoption Fees

Dogs from 0-7 years are $175.00

Dogs 8 years and older are $75.00

Cats are $75.00

We have made adjustments to our standard fees in special cases with regards to age and other issues.

All adopted animals are up- to-date on vaccinations, heartworm (dogs), flea preventative and have been spayed/neutered.